Evolution Traverse Gear List

Evolution Traverse Gear List: 
Black Diamond Distance 15 Pack.                                     Weighing in at only 13oz, this pack is light yet mighty. Not quite as durable as I’d like (the mesh on one of the front pockets tore before we even started) it worked pretty well considering I shoved three days worth of food, bivy, and climbing gear in it...
Down Puffy
Patagonia R1 
Black Diamond Alpinist Hoody.                                                 Kept it clipped to the outside of my harness. Super light and easy to pack.
Misty Mountain Harness
Western Mountaineering 1lb Quilt.                                              This was an attempt to save weight. I borrowed my friends sleeping bag and I regretted it pretty quickly. The latching system was super hard to do- especially when tired, cold, and suffering from AMS. So, I ended up using it as a down blanket; this proved to be very cold. I would rather have taken my Sierra Designs Cloud 20 (1.76lbs).   
Thermarest X-lite Pad 2/3 L…

Born to Run

Most days, my alarm goes off at 6 AM.

Even if I don't have my iPhone alarm set, my body seems to wake me up anyway. Time to go, my muscles tell me.
Koa looks at me with uncertainty. Getting out of bed is always the hardest part of every day for her. I get it. Lifting up the blankets, the cold air rushes in. If I wasn't awake before, I sure am now. I swing my feet over the edge of the mattress and in the usual hunched position navigate around the van, which my friends have appropriately referred to as my "gear closet." Climbing, skiing, highlining, and running gear are strewn out across the carpet along with the occasional stray piece of dog kibble. Most of the time, it looks like a bomb went off.
I slide my running shoes on and sigh in despair. Once again, I can't find my headlamp. This isn't the first time- but my eyes have learned to quickly adjust to the moonlight anyway.

The first mile is always the hardest.
My legs are sore, and I can see my breath comin…

Hungry Packer Hike, California

Hungry Packer Lake, Sierra Mountains, California I first moved to Bishop in September of 2018. I'd moved here on a whim- sitting in a Starbucks parking lot in my home at the time- A Subaru Outback, applying for jobs in gear stores in all the places you could climb year round. Bishop, Vegas, Tuscon, St. George. In theory, all the places it rarely rains.  I've lived in the Pacific Northwest for my whole life. My whole existence was spent staring up at the canopies of hundred year old evergreen trees.  The first job offer I heard from was at the local gear shop in Bishop, and I accepted immediately. Within two weeks I would buy a van, and shift my life entirely to the state of California.  Bishop, California isn't a big town. With a population of 3,500 people, the town is situated at 4,150 feet, and is more known as a "Small town, big backyard."  Which is exactly the reason I moved here.  Shortly after arriving in Bishop, I was antsy to get out and explore. I was t…

2019 GOALS


Bend Weekend